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The “TP” Fix

Ever wonder what you’re going to do with all those extra rolls of toilet paper? The half used roll that you know doesn’t look great to leave out but you’re aware it’s not something that should be thrown away? In this day and age it’s helpful to do everything eco friendly. Recycling when you can, minimizing waste and working on helping reduce your footprint on our planet so you can travel the world consciously. Your Airbnb cleaner and guests will thank you too.

This is where companies like mine have learned to find methods to be able to utilize some basic tools of polishing, advertising, and visual appeal.

What do you say we are talking about? Well it wasn’t long before I was checking up on our contractors working on the Airbnb’s or VRBO properties we service that I saw an abundance of toilet paper, not fully used. On our higher end properties there’s a standard we have set to put new toilet paper out every time. This standard tends to follow through to every property and that’s where the issue arises. When you are turning a property 3-5x a week the toilet paper doesn’t get used all the way through each guest. But eventually it’s going to look slim…Now, we fold every toilet paper roll on the Airbnb or VRBO with a small triangle. That’s the ending of the bathroom. But how could we step it up just a little more?

I began to think of what could hold that toilet paper in place and where else something like that might benefit. I came up with paper towels, welcome cards, candies, tissue boxes, and the list could go on.

So you’re probably asking yourself what it is that I have come up with.

It was stickers that came to mind, stickers with our company’s logo and Earth Love Cleaning written clearly. This was so the guests knew their property was serviced professionally. It was free marketing for us and it made a huge difference in the appearance of our bathrooms and kitchens.

When the time comes and you decide to order stickers, make sure to shop around. Remember to budget out about 400$ and that’s a higher budget depending on how you want to order stickers. The more you order the cheaper it is per sticker, but the rolls of stickers will also cost more than sheets considering convenience. You could get it lower than a 400$ bill…Budgeting higher helps give you options and the product you want. You can order 45,000 stickers at a time, some sites even 100,000. The math of how many stickers you will use per turn will help you know how quickly you are going through the product. Since it is an overhead cost, remember to keep track of the expense. You’ll be able to do all of this from the convenience of your computer, your Airbnb will soon be on its way to having professional touches that will set you above many others.

Some final reminders are to always remember to “Lock up the stock!”

Make sure your back up toilet paper, paper towels, and products of that nature are locked away from guests. It’s important to have a few rolls, 2 is suggested per bathroom by our standards in each bathroom of the Airbnb. It has not failed yet and it’s always smart to keep in mind; if you know your guest count and how long they are staying. Plan accordingly and leave extra.

Don’t forget to fold the toilet paper and paper towels even if you aren’t going to have stickers or run out. This is the final touch to let your guest know you care about the presentation and cleanliness of their property.

Hopefully even if you don’t decide to invest in stickers right away you know to always fold the toilet paper. If you aren’t folding the paper towel you should also start.

Check out the published version of this blog here!

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